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Meet Our Veterinary Team

The skilled veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants ad administrative staff at Hermitage Animal Clinic are always available to support high-quality care for your pet.

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Dr. Chris Ray #1

Tyler Neves

Practice Manager

Dr. Meghan McLean #1

Jennifer Schafer

Assistant Practice Manager

Michele Jordan #1

Michele Jordan

Lead Receptionist

Hayley Wolfe #1

Hayley Wolfe


Sidney Mullins #1

Sidney Mullins


Tiffany Brooks #1

Tiffany Brooks

Lead Technician

Sydney Grimm #1

Sydney Grimm

Veterinary Technician

Holland Dietenhofer #1

Holland Dietenhofer

Veterinary Assistant

Kira Hooper #1

Kira Hooper

Veterinary Assistant

Lindsay Lane #1

Lindsay Lane

Veterinary Assistant

Lewis Lockridge #1

Lewis Lockridge

Veterinary Assistant

Rhiannon Ovchar #1

Rhiannon Ovchar

Veterinary Assistant

Shannyn Zuckowsky #1

Shannyn Zuckowsky

Hermitage Pet Inn Staff

Yvette Rivera #1

Yvette Rivera

Hermitage Pet Inn Staff

New Patients Welcome

Hermitage Animal Clinic is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Hermitage companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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